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Best Mattifying Moisturizer Of 2015

No More “Shine Bright Like A Diamond” Moments Having oily skin is not an ordinary condition.  According to skin experts, it is a result of production of excess oil by the skin which is various factors.  Studies showed that it is caused by hormones or genetics.  In most cases, it is the presence of impurities and bacteria that clog skin pores. There are a number of med [...]

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Best Moisturizer For Combination Skin Of 2015

The Complicated Concept Called “Combination Skin” Combination Skin is when two or more skin types appear on the face at the same time.  When one has combination skin, the T-zone is oily while the other parts are flaky or dry. Tests show that the T-zone, composed of the forehead, chin and nose have more oil glands. Usually, skin types. A number of factors cause combin [...]

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Best Face Cleansing Brush Of 2015

Face Brushes: Your Own Spa At Home Cleansing brushes is one remarkable tool that anyone should have.  It’s like having a facial at your own home.  One of the benefits of owning and using a cleaning brush at a daily basis is that pores are relieved of any impurities that clog them.  Clogged pores usually lead to acne breakouts. Further, it has been proven to be good for [...]

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Best Tinted Moisturizer Of 2015

The Specie Called “Tinted Moisturizer” Tinted Moisturizer is a new formulation between a foundation and a moisturizer.  As its name suggests, it a moisturizer with a touch of tint.    In recent years it has been receiving a lot of raves all over the world.   It has been in existence since the 90s, as a great alternative to foundations.  It makes the skin look more [...]

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